Vol 7, No 3.17 (2018)

Special Issue 17

  • Conference Name: International Conference on Recent Advances in Automotive Engineering & Mobility Research (ReCAR 2017)
  • Start date: 8 August 2018
  • End date:  10 August 2018
  • Country: Malaysia
  • Website: http://recarukm.com/

Table of Contents


Investigation on Process-Properties Relationship with Mechanical Properties of Lattice-Structured Cellular Material for Lightweight Application

N A. Rosli, R Hasan, W H. Ng, M K. Baharudin, M R. Alkahari Pages: 1-4

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16611

CFD Simulation of Automotive Pollutant Dispersion in High-Rise Building Urban Environment Under Deeply Stable Atmospheric Condition

E R. Lotfy, W M. F. Wan Mahmood, R Zulkifli, Z Harun Pages: 5-14

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16612

Numerical Simulation Analysis of Wood/PP Composites for Injection-Moulded Car Battery Trays

Zakaria Razak, Abu Bakar Sulong, Norhamidi Muhamad, Mohd. Khairul Fadzly Md Radzi, Nur Farhani Ismail, Dulina Tholibon, Izdihar Tharazi Pages: 15-20

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16613

Vibration Analysis of Fused Deposition Modelling Printed Lattice Structure Bar for Application in Automated Device

M S. Azmi, R Ismail, R Hasan, M R. Alkahari Pages: 21-24

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16614

Tensile and Fatigue Behaviour of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composites

Roy Hanson Jimit, Kamarul Ariffin Zakaria, Omar Bapokutty, Sivakumar Dhar Malingam Pages: 25-27

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16615

Stress Analysis of Automobile Steering Knuckle Using Finite Element Method

F H. Ad Suhadak, K A. Zakaria, M B. Ali, M A. Yusuff Pages: 28-30

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16617

Concurrent Engineering for Uppers Stream Process of Stamping Dies

Azman Senin, Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Mohd Ihsan, Shahrum Abdullah, Dzuraidah Abd Wahab, Ahmad Zakaria Pages: 31-37

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16619

Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Rheocat Al-5.7si-2cu-0.3mg Alloy

M A. Abdelgnei, M Z. Omar, M J. Ghazali, Mohamed A. Gebril, M N. Mohammed Pages: 38-42

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16620

Dynamic Analysis of an Optimal Active Suspension System Using Global Search Optimization

Muna Khalil Shehan, B B. Sahari, Nawal Aswan B. Abdul Jalil, Tang Sai Hong, Azizan B. As'arry Pages: 43-46

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16621

Characterizing Spring Durability for Automotive Ride Using Artificial Neural Network Analysis

Y S. Kong, S Abdullah, D Schramm, M Z. Omar, S M. Haris, T Bruckmann, F Kracht Pages: 47-53

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16622

A New Analytical Model of the Brake Pad for Improved Calculation of the Centre of Pressure and Friction Coefficient in A Multi-Piston Disc Brake

Tomas Budinsky, Peter Brooks, David Barton Pages: 54-63

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16623

A Fault Diagnosis Expert System for Commercial Bus Manufacturing process

Chee Nian, Tan ., Chee Fai, Tan . Pages: 64-70

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16624

Design and Optimization of Front Lower Control Arm (FLCA) for C-Segment Passenger Car

Mohd Hafizi Abdul Rahman, Mohd Shukor Salleh, Mohd Suffian Ab. Razak, Mohamad Ridzuan Mohamad Kamal, Zolkarnain Marjom, Liza Anuar, Nur Adzly Mohamad Saad Pages: 71-75

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16625

Applicability of A Rotary Eddy Current Damper in Passenger Vehicle Suspension with Parallel Inerter

Ming Foong Soong, Rahizar Ramli, Ahmad Abdullah Saifizul, Mahdieh Zamzamzadeh Pages: 76-84

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16626

Experimental Investigations on Hybrid Vehicle

Khalid G. Mohammed, . ., . . Pages: 85-89

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16627

Rapid Prototyping of a Customized Cooling System for a Novel Crank Rocker Engine

Khurram Altaf, Masri Baharom, A Rashid A. Aziz, Junaid A. Qayyum, Mirza Jahanzaib Pages: 90-93

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16628

Effect of Travel Speed on Quality and Welding Efficiency of Friction Stir Welded AZ31B Magnesium Alloy

Amir Hossein Baghdadi, Nor Fazilah Mohamad Selamat, Zainuddin Sajuri, Amir Hossein Kokabi Pages: 94-99

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16629

Contact Force and Dynamic Behavior of Automobile Wiper Blade System

I Salleh, M Z. Md Zain, A R. Abu Bakar Pages: 100-103

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16630

Durability Analysis for Coil Spring Suspension Based on Strain Signal Characterisation

Chin Chuin Hao, Shahrum Abdullah, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, Salvinder Singh Karam Singh Pages: 104-109

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16631

Distribution Characterisation of Coil Spring Strain Histories Using Mixed Weibull Analysis

M Mahmud, S Abdullah, S S. K. Singh, A K. Ariffin, Z M. Nopiah, A Arifin Pages: 110-117

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16632

A Rapid Technique in Evaluating Tree Health Using Lidar Sensors

Siti Farhanah Rosli, Fazida Hanim Hashim, Thinal Raj, Wan Mimi Diyana Wan Zaki, Aini Hussain Pages: 118-122

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16634

Study on the Modification Effect of Side Pot And Diffuser to the Aerodynamics of the F1 IN SCHOOLS Car

Mohamad Faiz Paturrahman, Mohd Radzi Abu Mansor, Zambri Harun, Mohd Anas Mohd Sabri Pages: 123-128

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16635

Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Properties of Treated Silk Fibre/ Epoxy Composites at Low and High Temperature Range

Rozli Zulkifl, Che Husna Azhari Pages: 129-132

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16636

A Computational Aerodynamic Study of Tandem Rotating Wheels in Contact with the Ground

Mohammad Rasidi Rasani, Azhari Shamsudeen, Zambri Harun, Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Mahmood Pages: 133-136

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16637

Evaluation on Thermo-Electrical Characteristics of Sio2 Nanofluids for Fuel Cell Cooling Application in Automobiles

Suleiman Akilu, Aklilu Tesfamichael Baheta, K V. Sharma Pages: 137-140

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16638

Wall Heat Transfer Analysis of Internal Combustion Engine with Free Piston Linear Motion

Mior A. Said, L K. Mun, A R. A. Aziz, . . Pages: 141-144

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16639

Modeling, Simulation and Analysis of Induction Motor for Electric Vehicle Application

Yushaizad Yusof, Kamarulzaman Mat Pages: 145-150

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16640

Effects of Parameters of Helmholtz Resonator on Transmission Loss of Hybrid Muffler

Thiha Zaw, Aminudin Abu, Noor Fawazi, A M. Wahab Pages: 151-157

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16641

Characterization of Wavelet Decomposition Strain Signal Using the K-Mean Clustering Method

A A. Rahim, C H. Chin, S Abdullah, S S. K. Singh, M Z. Nuawi, F H. A. Hassan Pages: 158-162

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.16642

End-of-Life Product Recovery Chain Planning and Future Research Needs

Nurhasyimah Mohamad-Ali, Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla, Salwa Hanim Abdul-Rashid, Novita Sakundarini, Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid, Lydyaty Stephenie Pages: 163-170

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.17378

Microstructure Evolution in Al-5.7Si-2Cu-0.3Mg alloy by Reheating in High-Frequency Induction Heating for Thixoforming Process

Saziana Samat, Mohd Zaidi Omar, Intan Fadhlina Mohamed, Mohd Anif Mohd Arif Pages: 171-175

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21882

Improvement of Surface Properties of Prosthetic Implants through TiO2 by Using Dip Coating Method

Wajdi Sadik Aboud, Dunya Abdulsahib Hamdi Pages: 176-179

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21890

Atomistic Simulations of Twist Grain Boundary Structures in Aluminum-Magnesium Alloys

Siti Sarah Kamaludin, Prakash Thamburaja, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin Pages: 180-182

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21892

Simulation of Nanoindentation of Single and Multiple Coating Layers for Automotive Bearings

Wan Fathul Hakim W.Zamri, Intan Fadhlina Mohamed, Khairunas Bakri, Muhamad Faiz Md Din Pages: 183-185

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21894

Microstructure, Mechanical Properties and Fatigue Behavior of AlSi10Mg: an Additive Manufacturing Material

Muhamad Aqil Azri, Mohd Shamil Shaari, Ahmad Kamal Ariffin, Shahrum Abdullah Pages: 186-190

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21895

A Finite Mixture Von Mises Distribution for Wind Direction Analysis in Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Nortazi Sanusi, Azami Zaharim, Sohif Mat, Kamaruzzaman Sopian Pages: 191-194

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21898

Tool Path of Air Time Motion in Pocket Milling by Biogeogra-phy-Based Optimization (BBO)

Khashayar Danesh Narooei, Rizauddin Ramli, Hawa Hishamuddin, Shahla Pasla, Salah Alden Ghasimi, Mehran Tamjidy Pages: 195-199

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21899

Performance of Free-Piston Linear Generator by Using Com-pressed Air

Amir Z. Jamal, N. Amalina Ramlan, Ezrann Z. Zainal A, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Firmansy ah Pages: 200-204

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21901

A Study on Electrical Consumption, All Electric Range, Fuel Economy And Emissions of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Recreation-al Boat (PHERB) Powertrain

J. S. Norbakyah, A. R. Salisa Pages: 205-208

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21902

Heat Transfer Augmentation Based on Twin Impingement Jet Mechanism

Mahir Faris Abdullah, Rozli Zulkifli, Zambri Harun, Shahrir Abdullah, Wan Aizon W. Ghopa, Ashraf Amer Abbas Pages: 209-214

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21905

Welding of Dissimilar Steels via Thixowelding Processes

M. N. Mohammed, M. Z. Omar, K. S. Alhawari, M. A. Abdelgnei, Salah Al-Zubaidi Pages: 215-218

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21907

Review of Lithium-Ion Battery State of Charge Estimation Methodologies for Electric Vehicle Application

M.S. Hossain Lipu, M.A. Hannan, A. Ayob, M.H.M. Saad, A. Hussain Pages: 219-224

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21909

Effects of Quarter-Wavelength Resonators on Air In-take Module of an ICE Engine Using 1-Dimensional Method

Afiq Aiman Dahlan, Mohd Farid Muhamad Said, Muhammad Hariz Khairuddin, Khairuldean Abd Kadir, Mohd Anuar Mohd Yusoff Pages: 225-229

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21911

Effect of Rotating Burner Rim on Flame Stabilization: Blow-off and Flash Back

Hasanain A. Abdul Wahhab, A. Rashid A. Aziz, Mohammed El-adawy, Mhadi A . Ismael, Firmans ya Pages: 230-233

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21913

A Software Tool for Multiple Model Adaptive Control Design in Active Suspension System Applications

Ahmad Ruzaini Rahim, Sallehuddin Mohamed Haris Pages: 234-238

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21915

Combustion Characteristics of a Direct Injection Diesel Engine Fueled with Diesel-Ethanol-Palm Oil Methyl Ester Blends

Norhidayah Mat Taib, Mohd Radzi Abu Mansor, Wan Mohd Faizal Wan Mahmood, Nik Rosli Abdullah Pages: 239-243

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21917

TRIZ Trends of Engineering System Evolution of Silver Sinter-ing Tools Used to Produce Power Module in Hybrids and Electric Vehicles

Siow Kim Shyong, Chen Tiam Foo, Yong Zhen Xin Pages: 244-249

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21918

Opportunity for Optimising a Common Rail Engine Using Palm Oil Biodiesel

M Adlan Abdullah, Farid Nasir Ani, Masjuki Hassan Pages: 250-253

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21920

Surface Roughness Effects on Turbulent Boundary Layer Struc-ture of NACA 0026 Airfoil

A. A. Abbas, W. A. W. Ghopa, S. Mat, K.-S. Choi, M. F. Abdullah, Z. Harun Pages: 254-259

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21922

Fatigue Life Prediction for Automobile Coil Spring Using Modal Analysis

R. Manouchehry Nya, S. Abdullah, S.S.K. Singh, P. Thamburaja Pages: 260-265

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21924

The Influence of Air-Fuel Equivalence Ratio on the Perfor-mance and Emission Characteristics of a Crank-rocker Engine

Salah E. Mohammed, M. B. Baharom, A. Rashid A. Aziz Pages: 266-269

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21926

End-of-Life Product Recovery Chain Planning and Future Research Needs

Nurhasyimah Mohamad-Ali, Raja Ariffin Raja Ghazilla, Salwa Hanim Abdul-Rash, Novita Sakundarini, Aznijar Ahmad-Yazid, Lydyaty Stephenie Pages: 163-170

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.21880

Time-Averaged Heat Transfer and Vortex Shedding of a Singular and Twin Heated Bluff Bodies in Cross Flow

A. Etminan, A. Sharifian, E. Reda, Z. Harun Pages: 270-276

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.25251

Experimental Investigation on the Aerodynamic Performance of Optimised Pedestrian Crash Friendly Sedan Front End Profiles

V. 1*V. Kausalyah, 1M.R Noor Ilya, 1I. Nur Azia, 2S. Shasthri , 1S.B.S. Baljit, M. R Noor Ilya, I. Nur Azia, S. Shasthri, S. B.S. Baljit Pages: 277-280

DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i3.17.28743

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