Wake Modifications in Confined Flows Due to the Presence of a Downstream Cylinder in Staggered Arrangement


  • Ahmad H. A Hamid
  • Mohd H. Jamaludin
  • Mohd H. M. Noh
  • Mohd A. M. Sapardi






Drag coefficient, Lift coefficient, Square cylinder, Strouhal number, Vortex shedding.


In the present study, confined flows around two square cylinders in staggered arrangement were numerically investigated. Cross-flow and streamwise center-to-center spacings of one- and three-cylinder diameters, respectively, were considered. Simulations were carried out at Reynolds numbers Re = 50,100,150 and 180, where the resulting wakes are laminar and periodic. Results indicate that the presence of the downstream cylinder tends to reduce the Strouhal number, amplitude and the time-averaged lift coefficient of the upstream cylinder relative to the single cylinder cases. Furthermore, the time variations of upstream cylinder’s lift coefficient behave similar to that of a single cylinder.




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H. A Hamid, A., H. Jamaludin, M., H. M. Noh, M., & A. M. Sapardi, M. (2018). Wake Modifications in Confined Flows Due to the Presence of a Downstream Cylinder in Staggered Arrangement. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(4.27), 132–136. https://doi.org/10.14419/ijet.v7i4.27.22500
Received 2018-11-30
Accepted 2018-11-30
Published 2018-11-30