Traffic accident monitoring system using deep learning


  • A Manikandan
  • R Anandan





Deep learning, GPS, stochastic gradient descent.


A short time period in development of rural places and public vehicle transportation system globally increased. The road accident are increased by the traffic problems last five years. It is a big problem of human society. These traffic accident are how can we happen and how to solve traffic management. Here we collect the traffic accident data and GPS record data using these data to build a deep learning model of stochastic gradient descent learning algorithm method used to solve critical problem of a traffic accident risk. 




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Manikandan, A., & Anandan, R. (2018). Traffic accident monitoring system using deep learning. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(2.21), 283–287.
Received 2018-05-03
Accepted 2018-05-03
Published 2018-04-20