Evaluation study of government kindergartens between the city and the rural area


  • Eman HM Bani Mustafa Ministry of Education
  • Inmaculada Aznar Díaz University of Granada - Faculty of Educational Sciences






Curricula, Facilities, Governmental Kindergartens, Teachers, Ministry of Education.


Aim: To find out the reality of Jordanian experience in governmental kindergartens between the city and the rural area.

Method: The study based on descriptive evaluative method. This was done through a survey on some kindergarten teachers in public schools in the three cities. The researcher followed the qualitative method through in-depth interviews on the study sample.

Results: The results of the present study showed that there are statistically significant differences due to the variable of school location in all areas of the tool as a whole. The results also showed significant statistical differences in the field of teachers, and kindergarten curricula of children.

Twelve members of the study confirmed that the Jordanian experience in the evaluation of kindergartens in public schools has been considered a pioneering and useful experience for the educational learning process for several reasons.


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