Application of HACCP in an Indonesian halal restaurant by incorporating halal dietary requirements


  • Bernard C. Jiang NTUST
  • Halim Pratama Putra NTUST





, Catering Service, Halal Dietary Requirements, HHACCP, Presence of Haram Substance.


This study investigates the safety of ayam lalapan food processing in the catering service, and considers Halal dietary requirements due to the increasing demand for Halal food. Hazard and Haram Analysis Critical Control Point (HHACCP) proposed by Kohilavani et al. [1] is used to analyze the potential hazards as well as to improve the safety of food processing. By using this method, the presence of haram substance is analyzed aside from the regular hazard analysis, which consists of biological, chemical and physical hazards. Critical control points and Halal critical control points are identified to guarantee that the food processing of ayam lalapan meets Halal dietary requirements and is safe for human consumption. The total risk level after improvement can be reduced by 75.64% from 1.05 to 0.29 compared to before improvement.


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