Coupled points for total weakly contraction mappings via Ï-distance

  • Authors

    • Salwa Abed Baghdad university, College of Education for pure sciences, Ibn Al-Haitham, department of mathematics
    • Hiba Adel Jabbar
  • Weak Contractions, Coupled Fixed Points, Coupled Coincidence Points, General Metric Spaces.
  • In this paper, the total weakly contraction mappings and T-total weakly contraction mappings are defined with respect to Ï-distance. The concepts of mixed monotone and general mixed monotone are used to prove some theorems about coupled fixed points, common fixed point and coincidence points for these mappings in partially general b-metric spaces which equipped with Ï-distance.

    Author Biography

    • Salwa Abed, Baghdad university, College of Education for pure sciences, Ibn Al-Haitham, department of mathematics

      Dr. Salwa S.Abed, Dep. of math.


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    Abed, S., & Jabbar, H. A. (2016). Coupled points for total weakly contraction mappings via ρ-distance. International Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 5(3), 164-171.