Stylistic analysis of William wordsworth’s poem ‘daffodils’


  • Zahida Batool Lahore Leads University, Lahore
  • Shumaila Kiran Lahore Leads University, Lahore
  • Mehmood Ahmad Azhar





Stylistic, Analysis, Graphological, Semantic, Morphological.


Present study is based on stylistic analysis of the poem ‘Daffodils†written by a very famous romantic poet William Wordsworth. This analysis is made on the graphological, phonological, morphological and semantic level to analyze what the poet wants to convey by mentioning the memories of a very small, yet important cure for human beings in the form of gifted memories of lovely past. Stylistic techniques and methods are used to unfold the hidden beauty of the poet’s thoughts. Since stylistic is the study of different devices used in language that gives expressive or literary style to any writing so, keeping in view, this article aims to figure out the secret jewels of these beautiful lines. This analysis is helpful in understanding the basic concept that Nature can bring peace of mind to a dejected soul. The stylistic devices used in this poem are the setting of the poem along with the figures of speech. Through this analysis the researcher wants to explore how the social and cultural background of a poet affects on the usage of Nature in the poetry. The researcher will explore how the use of figurative speech enhances the impact of the poetry at the readers mind.


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