An investigation of the coefficient of variation using voltage clamps techniques


  • Ahmed Mahmood Khudhur Faculty of Engineering Technology, University Malaysia Pahang, Kuantan 26300, Malaysia
  • Ahmed N Abdalla
  • Jasni Mohamad Zain
  • Hai Tao





Colored Noise, Channel Gate, Ion Channel, Spike Resonance, Stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley Equations.


In recent years, it has been argued and experimentally shown that ion channel noise in neurons can have profound effects on the neuron’s dynamical behavior. Most profoundly, ion channel noise was seen to be able to cause spontaneous firing and stochastic resonance. It has been recently found that a non-trivially persistent cross correlation takes place between the transmembrane voltage fluctuations and the component of open channel fluctuations attributed to gate multiplicity. This non-trivial phenomenon was found to play a major augmentative role for the elevation of excitability and spontaneous firing in the small size cell. In addition, the same phenomenon was found to significantly enhance the spike coherence. In this paper, statistics of the coefficient of variation, to be obtained from the colored stochastic Hodgkin-Huxley equations using voltage clamps techniqueswill be studied. The simulation result shows the coefficient of variation; enhance the agreement with the microscopeinthe case of the noisy currents.


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