Kinetics and Thermodynamic Study of Malachite Green Adsorption on Seeds of Dates.


  • Khairia Mohammed Al-Ahmary





This study reports the adsorption of malachite green (MG) dye by Seeds of Dates (SD) from solution. Batch adsorption of MG was conducted to evaluate the effect of initial pH, contact time, temperature, initial dye concentration, SD adsorbent dose, and removal of the adsorbate MG dye from aqueous solution to understand the mechanism of adsorption involved. Adsorption equilibrium reached rapidly with 96% MG removal in 120 min. Fit of the adsorption experimental data was tested on the pseudo-first and pseudo-second-order kinetics mathematical equations, which was noted to follow the pseudo-second-order kinetics better, with coefficient of correlation ?0.992. The equilibrium process was well described by the Freundlich isotherm model, with maximum adsorption capacity of 158.98 mg g?1. The study shows that SD has the potential of application as an efficient sorbent for the removal of MG from aqueous solutions.

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Khairia Mohammed Al-Ahmary

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