Preparation and microstructure of cobalt(III) poly (acrylate) hybrid materials


  • Carlos Alvarez-Gayosso
  • Miguel A. Canseco
  • Rodolfo Estrada
  • Joaquin Palacios-Alquisira
  • Jaime Hinojosa
  • Victor Castano Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico





Polyelectrolyte Compounds, Hybrid Materials, Polyacrylic Acid, Cobalt Compounds, Nanocomposites.


The chemical reactions between poly (acrylic acid) and cobalt (III) oxide and between poly (acrylic acid) and cobalt (III) fluoride were studied by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy. The results demonstrate the formation of cements between the metal and PAA aqueous solutions. Structural information was obtained from the observed frequency shifts of the absorption bands of the carboxylates groups in the cobalt (III) poly (acrylate) relative to those recorded for the purely ionic form. The results show that the bidentate bridging structure is the most likely to occur in both cases. Also, from the analysis of the corresponding coordination chemistry, an octahedral structure may be tentatively assigned to the cobalt (III) poly (acrylate).


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