On the Kumaraswamy Kumaraswamy distribution


  • El-Sayed El-Sherpieny Issr Cairo university
  • Mohamed Ahmed Issr Cairo university






In this paper, new distribution so called the Kumaraswamy – Kumaraswamy (KW-KW) distribution, as a Special model from the class of Kumaraswamy Generalized (KW-G) distributions, is introduced. the probability density function (pdf), the cumulative distribution function (cdf), moments, quantiles, the median, the mode, the mean deviation, the entropy, order statistics, L-moments and parameters estimation based on maximum likelihood are obtained. A numerical illustration is used to studying the properties of the parameters.

Keywords: Kumaraswamy Generalized Distributions, Moments, Order Statistics, L-Moments, Entropy, Maximum Likelihood Estimation.


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