A first ever precise predictive prime number spiral placement


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This mathematical rhythm of the reality of prime numbers is foreign to current mathematics because prime numbers and generally all numbers function as placement in empty space, rather than counting beans. This final paper on the -1 mathematics, clearly demonstrates the method and the rationality of the random variability of prime numbers, and confirms the central-spiral mathematical arrangement of prime numbers around a half-line. This is purely a numbers phenomenon as arranged in a spiral cone. If current mathematics cannot decipher the very simple entrée presented here in open numbers, it is too bad, for the author is just beginning to grasp at it.The 8 referenced published manuscripts that precede this manuscript specifically qualify the segregated infinite series of prime numbers with the half-line value 18(6*3,-6), and other half-line values starting at 12, as infinitely calculable. The solution and the entered proof of a precise symmetrical Prime number placement has come after much pain and ridicule (what is not understood is ridiculed by the meager in knowledge) .The latter is the focus of the mathematical entrée here, as much sophistication needs to be done, but that will come at the authors discretion. Current mathematics is not set up to solve this final solution to prime numbers; it may observe it, as it observes its large pumpkin Prime numbers.

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Vinoo Cameron, Hope Clinic, 704Pine street, Athens, Wisconsin

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