The effects of water level shrinkage in the Lake Chad Basin on costs of production of local residents


  • Abba Danna université Ouaga I Pr Joseph Ki Zerbo
  • Bakari Abbo
  • Youssouf Pare





Operation research, mathematical programming, population, revenues, dual problem of simplex method, minimizing


In this paper, we are interested at the modeling and numerical simulation of the impact of dewatering of Lake Chad on income riverrains, to help decision-makers to take the appropriate measures.But in these case, we use the dual of simplex method in order to minimizing the three "targets" populations production costs.


Author Biography

Abba Danna, université Ouaga I Pr Joseph Ki Zerbo

Dr PARE YOUSSOUF, Maitre-assistant UFR/SEA Universite de Ouagadougou


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