Implementation of multi-step differentialtransformation method for hyperchaotic Rossler system


  • Jafar Biazar Guilan university
  • Tahereh Houlari Guilan university
  • Roxana Asayesh Guilan university





Hyperchaotic Rossler system, Differential transformation method, Forth-order Runge Kutta method, Multi-step differential transformation method.


In this work, the multi-step differential transformation method (MSDTM) is applied to approximate a solution of the hyperchaotic Rossler system. MSDTM is adapted from the differential transformation method (DTM). In this method, DTM is implemented in each subinterval. Results are compared with a fourth-order Runge Kutta method and a standard DTM. The results show that the MSDTM is an efficient and powerful technique for solving hyperchaotic Rossler systems and this method is more accurate than DTM.


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