Collocation method with quintic b-spline method for solving hirota-satsuma coupled KDV equation


  • K. R. Raslan
  • Talaat S. El-Danaf
  • Khalid K. Ali Mathematics Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, Nasr-City, Cairo, Egypt.





Collocation Method, Quintic B-Splines Method, Coupled KDV Equation


In the present paper, a numerical method is proposed for the numerical solution of a coupled system of KdV (CKdV) equation with appropriate initial and boundary conditions by using collocation method with quintic B-spline on the uniform mesh points. The method is shown to be unconditionally stable using von-Neumann technique. To test accuracy the error norms, are computed. Three invariants of motion are predestined to determine the preservation properties of the problem, and the numerical scheme leads to careful and active results. Furthermore, interaction of two and three solitary waves is shown. These results show that the technique introduced here is easy to apply. We make linearization for the nonlinear term.


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