Singular Values of One Parameter Family \(\lambda ((e^{z}-1)/z)^{m}\)






Critical values, Singular values


In the present paper, the singular values of one parameter family of entire functions \(f_{\lambda}(z)=\lambda\bigg(\dfrac{e^{z}-1}{z}\bigg)^{m}\) and \(f_{\lambda}(0)=\lambda\), \(m\in \mathbb{N}\backslash \{0\}\), \(\lambda\in \mathbb{R} \backslash \{0\}\), \(z \in \mathbb{C}\) is investigated. It is shown that all the critical values of \(f_{\lambda}(z)\) lie in the left half plane. It is also found that the function \(f_{\lambda}(z)\) has infinitely many bounded singular values and lie inside the open disk centered at origin and having radius \(|\lambda|\).

Author Biography

Mohammad Sajid, Qassim University

College of Engineering,

Assistant Professor


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