Fuzzy linear fractional bi-level multi-objective programming problems

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    The Kuhn-Tuker condition has become nowadays an important tool in the hands of investigation for checking the optimality in optimization literature. In the present paper with use of a Taylor series and Kuhn-Tucker conditions approach, we solve a fuzzy linear fractional bilevel multi-objective programming (FLFBL-MOP) problem. The Taylor series is an expansion of a series that represents a function. In the proposed approach, membership functions associated with each level(s) of
    the objective(s) of FLFBL-MOP problems are transformed and unied by using a Taylor series approach. By using the Kuhn-Tucker conditions, the problem is reduced to a single objective and nally, numericalexample is given to illustrates the efficiency and superiority of the proposed approach.




Article ID: 416
DOI: 10.14419/ijamr.v1i4.416

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