Non- Integral Technique and Differential Transformation Method for MHD Boundary Layer Flow of An Incompressible Fluid Past A Flat Plate


  • B. B. Singh
  • Imran Chandarki





This paper deals with a Non-Integral Technique (NIT) and Differential Transformation Method (DTM) which are sufficiently accurate and efficient methods for approximate solutions of the MHD boundary layer flow of an incompressible fluid past a flat plate for a wide range of the magnetic parameter. The proposed solutions are first obtained by NIT by utilizing a known solution of another differential equation and then by DTM, where a group of transformations are used to reduce the boundary value problem into a pair of initial value problems, which are then solved by means of the differential transformation method. The proposed method yields closed series solutions of the boundary layer equations, which can then be calculated numerically. The pertinent parameter appearing in the problem is discussed graphically and presented in table. From the numerical values, it is evident that as the value of the magnetic parameter increases, the skin-friction on the surface of the plate also increases, and it becomes unity when the magnetic parameter becomes infinity. This is indicative of the fact that even if the magnetic parameter is infinitely large, the skin-friction will be finite only.

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