Exact solutions of the ZK-MEWequation and the Davey-Stewartson equation


  • E.M.E. Zayed Zagazig University, Egypt
  • Ali Filiz
  • Mehmet Ekici
  • Abdullah Sonmezoglu
  • Durgun Duran






In this paper we introduce a new version of the trial equation method for solving non-integrable partial differential equations in mathematical physics. Some exact solutions including soliton solutions, rational and elliptic function solutions to the generalized (2+1)-dimensional ZK-MEW equation and  the generalized Davey-Stewartson equation with the complex coefficients are obtained by this method.


Keywords:  Extended trial equation method, generalized (2+1)-dimensional ZK-MEW equation, Davey-Stewartson equation,  soliton solution, elliptic solutions.


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