New novel physical constants metric and fine structure constant models demonstrate the intrinsic nature of vacuum space as a quantum medium






We hereby display two independent research-wise blind folded calculations of the fine structure constant using different angles in attacking the problem by two different novel models that however produced the same result which leads to the inescapable conclusion that 'empty' vacuum space must be intrinsically a quantized medium in nature.

Author Biographies

Dr. Emmanouil Markoulakis, Hellenic Mediterranean University

Deprt. Electronic Engineering

Research Fellow/Academic staff/Post Doc (PhD)

Age: 54

Mr. Christian G. Wolf

CEO & Founder at forty-two times ten - Inh., Munich, Germany


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Christian G. Wolf, iSpace - Deriving G from α, e, R∞, μ0 and Quantum of Gravitational Force Fg, Conference: 12th International Math-ematica Symposium - IMS 2015 (Prague); At: ISBN 978-80-01-05623-3; Volume: IMS 2015., as PDF “Deriving G from alpha, e, R, mu0 and Fg - Paper.pdf“ also available under original PDF Revision 2014-12-21-2355

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