International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research

International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research

Title: International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research
ISSN: 2227-4324
Publication Frequency: Four issues per year
Universal Impact Factor = 0.7578

Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Mathematical modeling process of liquid filtration taking into account reverse influence of process characteristics on medium characteristics

Andrii Safonyk, Andrii Bomba

Published online: 2014-12-10
Article ID: 3805
Pages: 1-7

A comparative study of Adomain decomposition method and the new integral transform “Elzaki transform’’

Badradeen Adam

Published online: 2014-12-13
Article ID: 3799
Pages: 8-14

A third-order non-local problem with boundary integral condition for a parabolic equation

Bahloul Tarek, Bouzit Mouhammed

Published online: 2015-01-01
Article ID: 582
Pages: 15-23

A new efficient method for solving quadratic Riccati differential equation

Belal Batiha

Published online: 2015-01-03
Article ID: 4113
Pages: 24-29

On the number of paths of length 5 in a graph

Nazanin Movarraei, Samina Abbas Boxwala

Published online: 2015-01-04
Article ID: 3874
Pages: 30-51

A new difference scheme for fractional cable equation and stability analysis

Ibrahim Karatay, Nurdane Kale

Published online: 2015-01-05
Article ID: 3875
Pages: 52-57

Dynamic boundary conditions for a coupled convection-diffusion model with heat effects: applications in cross-contamination control

N. Santatriniaina, J. Deseure, T.Q. Nguyen, H. Fontaine, C. Beitia, L. Rakotomanana

Published online: 2015-01-16
Article ID: 4053
Pages: 58-77

Application of the genetic algorithms to the identification of the hydrodynamic parameters

Sawadogo Wenddabo Olivier, Alaa Noureddine, Somé Kounhinir, Somé Blaise

Published online: 2015-01-20
Article ID: 4023
Pages: 78-89

Some convergence and stability results for two new Kirk and Jungck-multi step type iterative processes

Mauricio Ramírez Juárez, Arnoldo Bezanilla López

Published online: 2015-01-20
Article ID: 3892
Pages: 90-98

Exact solutions of coupled burgers equation with time-and space-fractional derivative

Salih M. Elzaki

Published online: 2015-01-24
Article ID: 4077
Pages: 99-105

Exact solutions to linear and nonlinear wave and diffusion equations

Majeed AL-Jawary

Published online: 2015-01-25
Article ID: 4031
Pages: 106-118

Rarefaction effects on the flow characteristics in microchannels on asymmetric wall thermal condition

Md. Tajul Islam

Published online: 2015-01-27
Article ID: 3967
Pages: 119-128

On convergence and error analysis of the parametric iteration method

S. A. Saeed Alavi, Aghileh Heydari, Farhad Khellat

Published online: 2015-01-28
Article ID: 3985
Pages: 129-134

Implicit finite difference approximation for time fractional heat conduction under boundary condition of second kind

Tadkeshwar Nath Mishra, Kabindra Nath Rai

Published online: 2015-01-29
Article ID: 3783
Pages: 135-149

Characteristics of regionally reflectionless potentials

Eric Kincanon

Published online: 2015-01-30
Article ID: 4099
Pages: 150-152