International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research

International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research

Title: International Journal of Applied Mathematical Research
ISSN: 2227-4324
Publication Frequency: Four issues per year

Vol 5, No 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Some attacks of an encryption system based on the word problem in a monoid

Nacer Ghadbane, Douadi Mihoubi Pages: 158-161
       Published on: 17-09-2016 84 Views   106 Downloads

Preliminary test shrinkage estimators for the shape parameter of generalized exponential distribution

Abbas Najim Salman, Rana Hadi Pages: 162-166
       Published on: 19-09-2016 65 Views   62 Downloads

Cryptanalysis on prime power RSA modulus of the form \(N = p^r q\)

Muhammad Rezal Kamel Ariffin, Sadiq Shehu Pages: 167-175
       Published on: 21-09-2016 52 Views   72 Downloads

Fuzzy logic application in the evaluation of performance of a prototype vehicle powered from solar energy and water electrolysis process

Marcos dos Santos, Bruna Russo Bahiana, Marcone Freitas dos Reis, Ernesto Rademaker Martins, Fabrício da Costa Dias Pages: 176-181
       Published on: 18-10-2016 30 Views   24 Downloads

An improvement of H. Wang preconditioner for L-matrices

Hamideh Nasabzadeh Pages: 182-186
       Published on: 21-10-2016 7 Views   6 Downloads

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