Personalized web search on e-commerce using ontology based association mining


  • B. Sekhar Babu
  • P. Lakshmi Prasanna
  • P. Vidyullatha





Association, Datasets, Ecommerce, Ontology.


 In current days, World Wide Web has grown into a familiar medium to investigate the new information, Business trends, trading strategies so on. Several organizations and companies are also contracting the web in order to present their products or services across the world. E-commerce is a kind of business or saleable transaction that comprises the transfer of statistics across the web or internet. In this situation huge amount of data is obtained and dumped into the web services. This data overhead tends to arise difficulties in determining the accurate and valuable information, hence the web data mining is used as a tool to determine and mine the knowledge from the web. Web data mining technology can be applied by the E-commerce organizations to offer personalized E-commerce solutions and better meet the desires of customers. By using data mining algorithm such as ontology based association rule mining using apriori algorithms extracts the various useful information from the large data sets .We are implementing the above data mining technique in JAVA and data sets are dynamically generated while transaction is processing and extracting various patterns.


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