Pre filtering techniques for face recognition based on edge detection algorithm


  • Sheela Rani
  • Vuyyuru Tejaswi
  • Bonthu Rohitha
  • Bhimavarapu Akhil





Face Recognition, Digital Image, Face Detection, Feature Extraction.


Recognition of face has been turned out to be the most important and interesting area in research. A face recognition framework is a PC application that is apt for recognizing or confirming the presence of human face from a computerized picture, from the video frames etc. One of the approaches to do this is by matching the chosen facial features with the pictures in the database. It is normally utilized as a part of security frameworks and can be implemented in different biometrics, for example, unique finger impression or eye iris acknowledgment frameworks. A picture is a mix of edges. The curved line potions where the brightness of the image change intensely are known as edges. We utilize a similar idea in the field of face-detection, the force of facial colours are utilized as a consistent value. Face recognition includes examination of a picture with a database of stored faces keeping in mind the end goal to recognize the individual in the given input picture. The entire procedure covers in three phases face detection, feature extraction and recognition and different strategies are required according to the specified requirements.


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