Transverse vibration analysis of Euler-Bernoulli beam carrying point masse submerged in fluid media

  • Authors

    • Adil El baroudi ENSAM Angers
    • Fulgence Razafimahery IRMAR Rennes
  • Euler-Bernoulli beam, Fluid-structure interaction, Finite element method, Frequency equation, Inertial coupling.
  • In the present paper, an analytical method is developed to investigate the effects of added mass on natural frequencies and mode shapes of Euler-Bernoulli beams carrying concentrated masse at arbitrary position submerged in a fluid media. A fixed-fixed beams carrying concentrated masse vibrating in a fluid is modeled using the Bernoulli-Euler equation for the beams and the acoustic equation for the fluid. The symbolic software Mathematica is used in order to find the coupled vibration frequencies of a beams with two portions. The frequency equation is deduced and analytically solved. The finite element method using Comsol Multiphysics software results are compared with present method for validation and an acceptable match between them were obtained. In the eigenanalysis, the frequency equation is generated by satisfying all boundary conditions. It is shown that the present formulation is an appropriate and new approach to tackle the problem with good accuracy.

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    El baroudi, A., & Razafimahery, F. (2015). Transverse vibration analysis of Euler-Bernoulli beam carrying point masse submerged in fluid media. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 4(2), 369-380.