Designing of advanced solar absorption chilling unit

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    In emerging nations, access to electricity is inconsistent is a widespread issue. This research aimed to design an absorption chiller based on utilising heat from a solar tracker system to power a chiller. For this purpose, a solar-driven ammonia absorption chilling system is designed. The solar-powered absorption chiller is a chilling system designed to offer refrigeration to developing areas. It is an intermittent system in which ammonia and water are used as absorbent and refrigerant respectively. A small-capacity vapor ab-sorption system was first simulated and its parameters were compared with the calculated ones. The main constituents like condenser, evaporator and generator are designed based on capacity. The basic heat and mass transfer equations relating the working properties are specified. The coefficient of performance (COP) obtained from experiments is in the range of 0.3-0.4.


  • Keywords

    Ammonia; Chilling Unit; Condenser; Evaporator; Solar Absorption.

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