A survey of collision avoidance in TDMA based mac protocols for vehicular Adhoc networks


  • S. sajini Anna University
  • E. A.Mary Anita S.A Engineering College, Chennai






IEEE 802.11P, MAC Protocols, Reservation Collision, VANET, TDMA.


Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET) is becoming an emerging trend to meet the various demands in real time applications. It is a special kind of MANET that has attracted a lot of attention in the research community in recent years due to its promising applications. Each vehicle can exchange information to inform other vehicles about the current status of the traffic flow or a dangerous situation such as an accident. Each year road accidents cause millions of death and non-fatal injuries. So it is desirable to have some method of communication between vehicles that can warn drivers and passengers. With the help of VANET, vehicles can move in an organized fashion.When two or more nodes occupy the same time slot and drive into each other’s communication ranges, a reservation collision occurs. A reliable communication scheme with minimal transmission collision is needed which increases the need for an efficient Medium Access Control (MAC) protocol. However, the design of the MAC in a vehicular network is a challenging task due to the high speed of the nodes, the frequent changes in topology, the lack of infrastructure etc. Recently several Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)-based medium access control protocols have been proposed for VANETs in an attempt to ensure that all the vehicles have enough time to send safety messages without collisions and to reduce the end-to-end delay and the packet loss ratio. In this paper, we provide an overview of TDMA-based MAC protocols that have been proposed for VANETs that provide a collision free transmission.We focus on the characteristics of these protocols, as well as on their benefits and limitations.



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