A Discourse on the Estimation of Nonlinear Regression Model

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    The present study evaluates an estimation for regression model which are nonlinear with Goldfeld, Quandt and exponential structure for heteroscedastic errors. An IENLGLS (Iterative Estimated Nonlinear Generalised Least Squares) estimator based on Goldfeld and Quandt for parametric vector has been derived in this research article. Volkan   Soner Ozsoy e.t.al [1], in their paper, proposed an effective approach based on the particle Swarm Optimisation (PSO) algorithm in order to enhance the accuracy in the estimation of parameters of nonlinear regression model. Ting Zhang et.al [2], in their article, established an asymptotic theory for estimates of the time-varying regression functions. Felix Chan et.al [3], in their paper, proposed some principals which are sufficient for asymptotic normality and consistency of the MLH estimator


  • Keywords

    Nonlinear regression model, Heteroscedastic error, nonlinear internally studentized residuals, OLS (Ordinary Least Squares), Regressor matrix.

  • References

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