Stiffness Mapping of a 12 dof Parallel Manipulator with Flexible base and Top Platforms


  • V. R. Mishra
  • . .





Stiffness, parallel manipulator, tilt angle, manipulator


A geometric scheme for stiffness mapping of 12 dof parallel manipulator with flexible platforms is presented. The manipulator resembles the construction features of Gough-Stewart platform with a difference that both of its platforms have been made flexible by using mobile knots. It is also shown that the tilt angle of the top platform of the proposed manipulator is more as compared to Stewart-Gough platform which increases the workspace of the proposed manipulator. In this study, comparison is also made with manipulator proposed by other investigators. Upon comparing the tilt angle of proposed manipulator it is found that, a manipulator with flexible base with same size of top platforms yields better reach within the workspace.



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R. Mishra, V., & ., . (2018). Stiffness Mapping of a 12 dof Parallel Manipulator with Flexible base and Top Platforms. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(4.39), 481–484.
Received 2018-12-19
Accepted 2018-12-19
Published 2018-12-13