Fuzzy tgp-closed sets and fuzzy t^* gp-closed sets


  • Noor Riyadh Kareem
  • . .






Fuzzy -set, fuzzy -set, fuzzy -closed set, fuzzy –closedset, fuzzy -closed set. 2010 AMS Subject Classification, 54A40.


In this paper, we aim to address the idea of fuzzy -set and fuzzy -set in fuzzy topological space to present new types of the fuzzy closed set named fuzzy -closed set and fuzzy -closed set. We will study several examples and explain the relations of them with other classes of fuzzy closed sets. Moreover, in a fuzzy locally indiscrete space we can see that these two sets are the same.




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Received 2018-12-18
Accepted 2018-12-18
Published 2018-12-09