The Cyclic Decomposition of the Group (Q2m C4) When m= ,h, r∈ Z+ and p is Prime Number


  • Rajaa Hassan Abass
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Quaternion group, the cyclic group, Artin's characters, Artin's characters table, the cyclic decomposition


The main purpose of this paper is to find The Cyclic decomposition of the group (Q2m C4) when m= h, r  Z+and p is prime number, which is denoted by AC (Q2m ×C4) where Q2m is the Quaternion group and C4 is the cyclic group of order 4 . We have also found the general form of Artin's characters table of Ar(Q2m×C4) when m=  ,h,r  Z+and p is prime number.



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Received 2018-12-18
Accepted 2018-12-18
Published 2018-12-09