A Review on Secure Storage Using Bidirectional Verification Techniques in Cloud Computing

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    Cloud computing increases the capacity or capabilities vigorously without devoting new infrastructure, training new personnel, or licensing the new software . In the past few years, cloud computing has grown from being a promising business concept to one of the fast-growing sectors of IT industry. As the more sensitive information and data are moved into the cloud data centers, they run on virtual computing resources in the form of virtual machines. Security has become one of the major issue in cloud computing which reduces the growth of cloud environment with complications in data privacy and data protection continue to outbreak the market. A new model created for the advancement should not result as a threat to the existing model. The architecture of cloud poses such a threat to the security of existing models when deployed in a cloud environment. The different cloud service users need to be attentive in considerate,about the risk of data breaks in the new environment. In this paper, advanced survey of the various secured storage in cloud computing using bidirectional protocols is presented.



  • Keywords

    bidirectional protocols, security, virtual computing resources, virtual machine

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