Initial Development of a Master-Slave Controller for a Five-Fingered Robotic Hand Design by Using Pressure Sensors Comparator Technique

  • Authors

    • Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Kamarul Bahrin
    • Khairul Salleh Mohamed Sahari
  • robotics, robotic hand, five-fingered robotic hand, master-slave, pressure sensor, flex sensor, bend sensor.
  • There are numerous robotic hand designs but the five-fingered robotic hand design is the most dexterous robotic hand design due to its similar appearance and motions with the human hands. The five-fingered robotic hands are commonly controlled or governed through a master-slave system that can be accomplished by using simple preset motions or other complicated and advanced technologies. However, a five-fingered robotics hand can also be controlled by a novel approach known as pressure sensors comparator technique. This technique compares the values from the pressure sensors that are strategically located at the glove (master) and robotic hand (slave). If the values differ, the actuators will generate motions accordingly. The initial finding based on the master and slave prototypes showed that applying this technique is very challenging due to the humans' physiological diversity. Nevertheless, a solution was proposed for further studies and future developments by introducing an offset.

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