Analysis of Golfer‘S Brainwave Signal During Par Tee Ireland and Driving Range Game

  • Authors

    • Yusof, M.M. M
    • Salleh, S. M
    • Ainul, H.M. Y
    • Siswanto, W. A
    • Mahmud, W.M.A .W
  • Attention Brainwave, FFT in Alpha and Beta Wave, Focus of Golfer, Neurosky Mindwave
  • Ways to improve sport performance become exceptional contemporary interest. Nowadays, many studies use human brain as an input signal include eyes blinking, attention and meditation to control the exchange process. Brain–Computer Interface (BCI) requires generating control signals for external device by analysing the internal brain signal. The objective is to identify the signal of brainwave which gives effect to performance of golfer. The analysis involved the meditation (α) and attention (β) state of different golf players. In this project, the brainwave of golfer’s will be analyzed based on the movement before club strike the ball. EEG signal used to find out the features by using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). The analysis included three categories of player include beginner, intermediate and professional. Two types of game have been considered which are Par Tee Ireland and Driving Range. The project interfaces MATLAB software with an EEG headset. The data has interpreted in time and frequency domain graph that show different level in an attention (β) state for both games. Brainwave signals indicated players’ performance and lead to better performance. This data benefits increasing the performance of golfer to become the professional golfer by using electroencephalography (EEG) headset in future study.

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    M, Y. M., M, S. S., Y, A. H., A, S. W., & .W, M. W. (2018). Analysis of Golfer‘S Brainwave Signal During Par Tee Ireland and Driving Range Game. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(4.30), 469-472.