Graphite Saturable Absorber for Q-Switched Fiber Laser


  • Yushazlina R. Yuzaile
  • Noor A. Awang
  • Zahariah Zakaria
  • Noor U.H.H Zalkepali
  • Amirah A. Latif
  • Atiqah N. Azmi
  • Fatin S. Abdul Hadi





Graphite, Mechanical Exfoliation, Q-Switching, Q-Switched Fiber Laser, Saturable Absorber


This paper reported a successful demonstration on Q-switched fiber laser by using graphite as saturable absorber (SA). The graphite is deposited on the fiber ferrule through a simple mechanical exfoliation method. The modulation depth of the graphite SA is 19.2% with a saturation intensity of 85 MW/cm². The maximum achievable pulse repetition rates and pulse width are 42.41 kHz and 3.40 μs respectively. Meanwhile, its optical signal-to-noise ratio is about 50.81 dB. The Q-switched pulses have the maximum pulse energy of 5.84 nJ. These outcomes demonstrated that a stable output of passively Q-switched fiber laser is produced and can be applied for various optical fiber applications.


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