Iot Based Weather Station Using Raspberry Pi 3

  • Authors

    • P Y Muck
    • M J Homam
  • Google Cloud Platform, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun Weather Shield and Meter, Weather prediction
  • Weather is the day-to-day state of atmosphere that is hard to predict which affects the activities of mankind and has great significance in many different domains. However, the current weather station in the market is expensive and bulky which cause inconvenience. The aim of this project is to design a weather station with real time notifications for climatology monitoring, interface it to a cloud platform and analyse weather parameters. In this project, a weather station is assembled using SparkFun Weather Shield and Weather Meter and Arduino Uno R3 to collect weather parameters. Data collected from the sensors are then stored into Google Cloud SQL using Raspberry Pi 3 Model B which acts as a gateway between them and analysis of weather data are done. A website and mobile application are developed using Google Data Studio and Android Studio respectively to display the real-time weather conditions in graphical presentation which are accessible by administrator and users. Users will receive notification regarding the weather conditions at that particular place on social media platform regularly and irregularly. Weather prediction is done in short term which allows users to get themselves prepared for their future plan in the next thirty minutes.

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