Characterization of Biceps Brachii Muscle Contraction Using Electromyogram Sensor for Virtual Manufacturing Process

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    For the product development process, producers applied a variety of ways to make their products respond to market needs, with a shift in consumer trends that want more specific products, engineers begin to develop new methods to produce an efficient, time-cost, able to accommodate it well, manufacturers can minimize or completely eliminate the phases of physical prototyping, which impact on both cost and time efficiency, now the Virtual Manufacturing process uses more Virtual Reality, and this has an impact on more artificial processes this paper the researcher tries to combine the method of Virtual Manufacturing by using a camera and sensor based Electromyogram to measure the level of contraction of the hand when using the Virtual Manufacturing program. The researcher's focus on this paper is about to know the character of biceps brachii muscle contraction in some conditions, that will be utilized in the process of Virtual Manufacturing.



  • Keywords

    Computer-Aided Design, Electrode, Electromyogram, Manufacture, Virtual Manufacturing

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