Development of real-time big data analysis system for RHIPE-based marketing in the automobile industry


  • Young-Woon Kim
  • Hyeopgeon Lee





Big Data Analysis System, Hadoop, R, RHIPE, MongoDB, MapReduce


In the automobile industry, the contract information of vehicles contracted through sales activities, as well as the order data of customers who purchased cars, and vehicle maintenance history information all accumulate in relational databases over time. Although accumulated customer and vehicle information is used for marketing purposes, processing and analyzing this massive data is difficult, as its volume con-stantly increases. This problem of managing big data is commonly solved by utilizing the MapReduce distributed structure of Hadoop, which uses big data distributed processing technology, and R, which is a widely used big data analysis technology. Among the methods that interconnect Hadoop and R, the R and Hadoop integrated programming environment (RHIPE) was developed in this study as a real-time big data analysis system for marketing in the automobile industry. RHIPE allows us to maintain an interactive environment and use the powerful analytical features of R, which is an interpreter language, while achieving a high processing speed using Map and Reduce func-tions. In this study, we developed a real-time big data analysis system that can analyze the orders, reservations, and maintenance history contained in big data using the RHIPE method.



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