Review of summarization on chart data

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    To summarize documents worths to summation of the main points. A summarization is this kind of summing up. Elementary school book reports are big on summarization. To provide a comprehensible declaration of the significant points is nothing but summarization. In current years, natural language processing (NLP) has stimulated to statistical base. Many tribulations in NLP, e.g., parsing, word sense disambiguation, and involuntary paraphrasing. In recent times, robust graph-based methods for NLP is also a lot of scope, e.g., in clustering of words and attachments of prepositional phrase. In proposed paper, we will take in account of graph-based summarization techniques, approaches used for that etc. We will talk about how arbitrary traversing on images of graphs can help in making of question answer based summarization. In current exploration work, the extraction procedure is completely computerized using image processing and text recognition methods i.e. done with the help of OCR. The extracted information can be used to improve the indexing component for bar charts and get better exploration results. After generating questions, questions are rank the according to frequency or priority and answer of the ranked question is summary of given input.




  • Keywords

    Graph Summarization; OCR; Automatic Graph Summarization; Types; Stepwise Methodology.

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