Grundy Number of Some Chordal Graphs


  • R. Nagarathinam
  • N. Parvathi
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Grundy coloring, Grundy number, Ladder graph, Tadpole graph, wheel graph, Fan graph, Double fan graph.


For a given graph G and integer k, the Coloring problem is that of testing whether G has a k-coloring, that is, whether there exists a vertex mapping c : V → {1, 2, . . .} such that c(u) 12≠"> c(v) for every edge uv ∈ E. For proper coloring, colors assigned must be minimum, but for Grundy coloring which should be maximum. In this instance, Grundy numbers of chordal graphs like Cartesian product of two path graphs, join of the path and complete graphs and the line graph of tadpole have been executed



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