Relationship between ‘Big Data’, ‘Internet of People &Thing’ and ‘Internet of Signs &Things’


  • Vidhi Sen
  • Priyanka Mishra





Big Context, Big Data, Internet of Everything, Internet of People & Things, Internet of Signs,


This paper will try to determine the co-relationship exist in between ‘Big Data’, the ‘Internet of People and Things’ and   the ‘Internet of Signs.’ Specifically , we will find out  various ways  through which  the ‘things’ present  in the ‘Internet of Things’ makes  ‘Big Data’, and the various ways  through which both are combined in order to form  semiotic ‘signs’. We will find out how context is important and also the various types of  relations  that exists in  between ‘Big Data’, the ‘Internet of People & Things’, and the ‘Internet of Signs’.




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Accepted 2018-09-19
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