An Optimal Data Replication Techniques in Cloud for Performance and Security


  • Md Rafeeq
  • Dr C. Sunil Kumar
  • Dr N. Subhash Chandra
  • . .



Distributed computing, information replication, vitality proficiency


Disseminated processing is a creating perspective that gives enlisting resources as an organization over a framework. Correspondence resources frequently transform into a bottleneck in advantage provisioning for some cloud applications. In this way, data replication, which brings data (e.g., databases) closer to data customers (e.g., cloud applications), is seen as a promising game plan. It grants constraining framework deferments and exchange speed utilize. In this paper we inspect data replication in disseminated figuring server ranches. Not at all like diverse procedures open in the composition, we consider both imperativeness viability and transmission limit use of the structure, despite the improved Nature of Administration (QoS) in light of the reduced correspondence delays. The appraisal occurs procured in the midst of expansive reenactments help to reveal execution and essentialness profitability tradeoffs and guide the arrangement of future data replication plans.



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Rafeeq, M., C. Sunil Kumar, D., N. Subhash Chandra, D., & ., . (2018). An Optimal Data Replication Techniques in Cloud for Performance and Security. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.27), 659–662.
Received 2018-09-08
Accepted 2018-09-08