Study on Comparison of Window-set U-value Chamber test and Simulation Modeled by Multiple Simulators


  • Sangtae NO
  • Yugun Chung



U-value, Window Thermal test, Thermal simulation, Simulator, Window Frame


The This research is to offer basic data to establish process to draw more consistent and accurate simulation result value by analyzing error rate of U-Value between simulators of the same model. This study examined an error of interpretation value occurred between simulators of total 13 window-set cases, and investigated a difference between U-Value by test and U-Value by simulation. Simulation value of simulator 3 is somewhat different from that of Simulator 1 and 2, but there is no great difference of simulation value between simulators. Irrespective of simulators, test value of U-Value of most data is greater than simulation value of U-Value. Especially, in case of few windows, there is a great error between test and simulation values.



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