Malaysian Technical University Students Mental Health Profile

  • Authors

    • M F. Lee
    • C S. Lai
  • Mental Health, DASS-21, MTU students, gender, year of study, field of study
  • This paper discuss about the Malaysian Technical University (MTU) students’ mental health issue. This article aims to develop a profile of MTU students on mental health issue from the aspect of gender, year of study and field of study. A stratified random sampling technique was applied to select about 450 students as the sample in this study. The DASS-21 inventory was adopted as instrument for this study. The obtained data were analysed by using frequencies, percentage, mean, standard deviation, Independent T-test, one-way ANOVA and LSD post-hoc test. The findings showed that there is no significant difference in mental health issue from the gender aspect, but there is a significant difference from the aspect of year of study and field of study. As a conclusion, intervention program needs to be conducted to solve the mental health issue in order to help the students to achieve a better academic performance.


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