Construction of Transmission Control System for Digital Signage Services based on Wi-Fi

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    Background/Objectives: In this paper, we have studied digital signage service operation technology based on Wi-Fi for smart tourism service.

    Methods/Statistical analysis: We constructed a system based on hybrid positioning technology using GPS, Wi-Fi and Beacon. Then, Wi-Fi transmission control algorithm was developed and applied to the system.

    Findings: Through the system performance analysis, we obtained the performance evaluation result that the proposed system has low data transmission failure rate and high service utilization rate.

    Improvements/Applications: We provide service scheduling functions by classifying digital signage service types in real time and non-real time. We have developed a system that enables services withoutinterruption even if a communication failure occurs.


  • Keywords

    Digital Signage, GPS, Wi-Fi, Beacon, Mixed Positioning

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DOI: 10.14419/ijet.v7i2.33.18105

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