Design of an Ultra-Wideband Antenna for Breast Cancer Detection

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    • C Jayapriya
    • K Meena Alias Jeyanthi
    • . .
  • ADS software, breast phantom measurement, microwave imaging, slotted vivaldi antenna.
  • Ultra Wideband (UWB) radar is assuring technology for breast cancer detection based on the dielectric constant between normal and tumor tissues at Microwave frequencies. A Suitable design of a Microstrip Patch in Ultrawideband is proposed for microwave imaging in biomedical applications. Currently used clinical diagnostic methods, such as X-ray Mammography, Ultra-Sound and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, are limited by cost and reliability issues. These limitations have motivated researchers to develop a more effective, low-cost diagnostic method and involving lower ionization for cancer detection. The literature suggests a Side Slotted Vivaldi Antenna (SSVA) is clustered around 2.4GHz as the ISM band which is used for breast phantom measurement. Experimental validation is done mainly by using an antenna for detecting tumor cells inside a breast which is highly demanded as comfortable approach.



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