Implementation of Gesture Alert and Health Assistance System for Physically Disabled Using Internet of Things (Iot)


  • Dr Neha Mangla Vidyavarshini H J
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Physically Disabled, Health Assistance, Gesture Alert, Internet of Things (Iot), Patient Monitoring System (PMS)


Gesture based monitoring for assisted living is gaining importance and attention, especially to facilitate physically disabled and the elderly citizens[2],[3] by examining their health and movements, which otherwise could lead to a collapse or a fall. It is quite a challenge for the nursing and care taker staff to constantly monitor the patients and assist them at all times. This can be overcome by the help of a device that is multi-functional and portable enough to place it on any piece of furniture. An integration of health assistance [13] and gesture alert is a very comprehensive approach to increase the potential future of health monitoring. An application context for health monitoring and gesture alert can be therefore developed with lower costs, a system that is robudt and also reduces the number of devices to be worn by a patient. A Patient Monitoring System (PMS) and various wearable devices [23] act as pioneers to establish a safer and a healthier world.




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