Design an Efficient Power Electronics Transformer (PET) for the Improvement of Quality in Power


  • G V Swathi
  • N Paparao
  • D Swathi





Power electronics transformer (PET), Simulink software, AC/AC Converter, Voltage transformation, Galv?anic isolation, Voltage flicker.


This paper consists of a new device called as Power Electronics transformer (PET) which has been recommended in paper so that it understands that voltage transformation, galvanic isolation, and enhancing force personal satisfaction for a just gadget. The PET gives a complete methodology for designing a transformer that uses Power electronic frameworks which comprises for primary coil and auxiliary coils of a transformer. A couple features to example, such-and fast voltage regulation, voltage list recompense what's more likewise revision for control figure could a chance to be united under PET. This paper indicates another thought of plotting An vitality electronic transformer. In the schema process, those AC/DC, DC/AC, AC/AC converters In addition secondary back transformers have been utilized. Grid converter similarly meets desires Likewise AC/AC converter on force electronic transformer. Those proposed drive electronic transformer performs perplexedly capacities to example, amendment regarding energy.  Factors, elimination of swell and voltage sag, reduction of voltage flicker and fault situation protection capabilities. The recommended force electronic transformer need been shown using MATLAB/ SIMULINK Furthermore also change Previously, force characteristic with recommended perfect gas need been checked by the simulink outcomes.




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V Swathi, G., Paparao, N., & Swathi, D. (2018). Design an Efficient Power Electronics Transformer (PET) for the Improvement of Quality in Power. International Journal of Engineering & Technology, 7(3.12), 1046–1049.
Received 2018-08-16
Accepted 2018-08-16
Published 2018-07-20