Graphene-Based Wearable Electrochemical Glucose Biosensor: A Review


  • Siti Musliha Ajmal Mokhtar
  • Mastura Omar
  • Zahari Abu Bakar
  • Yusmeeraz Yusof
  • Zairi Ismael Rizman
  • . .





Electrochemical sensor, glucose biosensor, graphene, non-invasive biosensor.


An overview of recent advancement in wearable glucose biosensor has been reviewed. The large sensing area, superior conductivity and high tensile strength has become key factors of graphene as material for flexible and wearable electronic device. This review discusses development and challenges based on graphene and its related materials of recent electrochemical glucose biosensor towards fast response, good selectivity, superb reproducibility and outstanding flexibility. A details comparison in terms of sensitivities, low detection limits and long-term stabilities are included. This review will also provide new insight into invasive and non-invasive methods as future prospect of wearable glucose biosensor.


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