Probe Array from BeCu Metal Sheet Using Heat and Fusing Currents


  • Sangwon Kim
  • Chanseob Cho
  • Bonghwan Kim





BeCu, probe array, heat current, fusing current


A probe array fabricated from a beryllium-copper metal sheet was developed in order to produce cost-effective microelectromechanical system (MEMS) probe cards. The probe array is fabricated via a simple, inexpensive process in which a heat current is used for annealing and a fusing current from a DC power supply is used for cutting the metal sheet. The stress relaxation time was 7 min during the application of a 4 A heat current, and the fusing current was 20 A. The contact force was approximately 1 gram force at a deflection of 100 μm, and the contact resistance from the tip of the probe to the end of the probe beam was 1.9 Ω. The probe array is suitable for use in probe cards, test sockets, and various types of manufacturing equipment.




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