Clutter Distribution Analysis of A Tropical Foliage Clutter for Different Profiles Based on FSR Micro-Sensor Network


  • Nur Alia Zulkifli
  • N E. Abd Rashid
  • Z I. Khan
  • N N. Ismail
  • R S. A. Raja Abdullah
  • Kama Azura Othman
  • Mahanijah Md Kamal





FSR, Wind Clutter, UHF/VHF, MLE, GOF, RMSE


Comparison of four different clutter profiles (border, seaside, free space and forest) using Forward Scatter Radar (FSR), which operates in Ultra-High and Very High Frequency (UHF and VHF) bands, is analyzed in this paper. Clutter levels ranging from low, medium, strong and very strong on each profile were studied. Based on the standard deviation of each clutter profile, border suits the best profile as the strongest clutter profile amidst seaside and free space, while the forest is determined as the lowest clutter profile. Subsequently, the characteristics of the clutter are investigated and compared based on the five distribution models (Log-Normal, Log-Logistic, Gamma, Weibull and Nakagami).  The parameters of the five distributions are evaluated using Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) in order to prove that the distribution model fits best to the clutter data. It can be concluded that Gamma distribution is the best distribution model for all cases of frequency bands and profiles.




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